Building a Successful Partnership with Your Supply Agency

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Collaborating with a supply agency mirrors the dynamics of a strong relationship, rooted in honesty, trust, and effective communication. However, the success of this partnership hinges on choosing the right agency tailored to your needs. Refer to our previous blog post, ‘Discover Your Ideal Supply Agency’ for comprehensive guidance on this crucial step.

As a reputable supply agency, Apple A Day and our recruiters prioritise aligning you with suitable work opportunities while offering support and guidance.

We’ve compiled a list of invaluable tips for cultivating the best possible partnership with Apple A Day or other supply agency.

  1. Transparency is Key: Be Clear About Your Preferences

It’s natural to want to accommodate others, but when it comes to working with your recruiter, honesty from the get-go is invaluable. If early morning calls don’t align with your schedule, express this during your interview. You have the right to request pre-booked assignments, although it’s worth noting that at the beginning of the school year, there might be more morning calls due to unforeseen circumstances, such as teacher sickness.

Similarly, if you prefer teaching specific year groups, communicate this upfront. Being forthright about your preferences enables us to tailor opportunities to suit you precisely, preventing any mismatch between offered roles and your expectations. This clarity ensures that the work proposed is genuinely suitable for you, eliminating the need for declining seemingly fitting opportunities and fostering a more seamless partnership with Apple A Day.

  1. Stay in the Loop: Register for Our Job Alerts

If you’re aiming for a longer-term or permanent position, we suggest taking advantage of our Job Alert feature on the website. This convenient tool ensures that whenever a fitting job is posted by our recruiters, you receive instant notifications. Setting it up is hassle-free, requiring only the input of relevant keywords like ‘KS1’ or ‘Year 2’, selection of locations and type of role. This simple step keeps you informed and increases the likelihood of landing that longer-term or permanent position.

  1. Timely Responses Matter

Responsiveness is more than just a courteous gesture; it’s a strategy that can significantly impact how much work you get.

In the fast-paced world of supply, opportunities often come with a limited window. By responding promptly to a call, email, or app notification, you position yourself favourably, showcasing your readiness to work. This quick and efficient communication not only reflects positively on your professionalism but also establishes a reliable rapport with your recruiter.

On the flip side, consistent unresponsiveness might inadvertently close doors to potential opportunities. Our recruiters work diligently to match candidates with suitable roles, but if they repeatedly encounter delays or lack of response, they may have to prioritise other candidates who demonstrate a more proactive approach.

Maintaining a habit of timely and consistent communication is pivotal in ensuring you remain at the forefront of available opportunities.

  1. Feedback and Follow-Up

After an interview facilitated by Apple A Day, it’s beneficial to promptly reach out via call or email on the same day to share your impressions and, if offered, confirm your acceptance. This allows us to gather feedback from the school promptly and maintain efficient correspondence. The same principle applies if you’re offered an extension or a different role during a long-term assignment.

In the event we’re unable to reach you or receive a response within a few days, we’ll assume a decision has been made not to proceed with the offered position. Timely communication is crucial in this regard. Rest assured, we understand the significance of staying informed and will promptly update you as soon as we receive any relevant information.

  1. Stay Connected: Keep Us in the Loop

If your requirements change, let your us know. Morning calls may no longer work for you or perhaps you are now happy to teach older year groups. If we don’t know, we can’t keep your records current and offer you suitable work. This also goes for our app. It is key for us to know when you are available to work.

  1. Annual Training Updates: Essential Compliance for Teachers

Our Teachers and TAs are required to update specific training annually. The compliance team will notify you when it’s time, but it’s crucial to complete it. Failure to do so will result in non-compliance and could affect your ability to work with us. Maintaining compliance is vital for continued collaboration.

  1. Open Dialogue – Sharing Your Concerns

If you encounter challenges or feel unhappy about something, please do communicate with us. Your feedback may reveal areas where we can offer support or internally improve. Addressing concerns begins with sharing them. A reputable supply agency like Apple A Day values your happiness and honesty about what’s feasible. We encourage open communication; we’ll discuss concerns with you and appreciate your reciprocation. Phone calls often convey tone better than emails, especially for sensitive matters. For factual issues like pay, a polite email inquiry is a suitable initial step.

  1. Schedule Ahead – Booking Your Office Visit

With our recruiters and office staff often interviewing candidates, talking to schools and arranging interviews etc, we ask that you contact us before you come to the office. If you turn up at the office, we may not be able to give you the time needed to chat. We would recommend calling ahead and seeing when a convenient time would be to book to come in and giving a brief reason for visit-this will allow us to be prepared and keep our diary free for you.

  1. Share Your Insights – Providing School Feedback

Schools share feedback with Apple A Day about any ‘notables’. Your input is invaluable too. If you loved a school, inform us—future opportunities might arise there. Similarly, if it’s a place you’d rather not return to, please inform us. Our system enables us to prevent assignments at schools you prefer to avoid.

  1. Keep it friendly and professional

Online, there’s talk about recruiters not being caring, but a supply agency like Apple A Day, run by former teachers, truly care about their educators. For any queries on procedures or contracts, reach out to us for a calm and courteous discussion.

  1. Spread the Word – Refer a Friend and Earn Rewards

Know a Teacher or TA friend that is on the lookout for a new position or thinking about entering the world of supply? Take advantage of our brilliant referral scheme and receive £250 when they have worked 30 full days. Head to our Jobs Page, where you can recommend a friend for a specific role or make sure that they mention you when completing our application form.

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