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Thinking of joining Apple A Day for supply work or a temporary contract?

Discover the straightforward steps to becoming an Apple A Day teacher by watching our video on how to join:

Supply Work

Ready to embark on your journey of Supply Work with us? Here’s how to get started:

1. Complete the Application Form: Your first step is to fill out our Application Form.

2. Convenient Email Notification: As you begin the Online Application Form, an email notification will be automatically sent to you, containing a link to the form.

3. Flexible Progress: If you’re unable to finish the form in one go, worry not. Use the original link provided in the email to seamlessly pick up where you left off.

4. Preview and Prepare: Not quite ready to dive in? Open the ‘Preview Application Form’ to get a sneak peek of the required information. When you’re prepared, return to complete the online version.

Permanent Position

Searching for a permanent or long-term position?

You have options:

1. Share your CV with us, and we’ll match you with suitable opportunities.

2. Visit our Jobs page to apply directly for specific roles.

3. Don’t miss out! Set up a Job Alert, and we’ll notify you whenever a perfect job becomes available. Your dream career is just a click away!

Submit CV

If you wish to apply for a Permanent Position please send your CV.

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