West Wiltshire Dance Festival

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Apple A Day is thrilled to announce its continued sponsorship of the West Wiltshire Dance Festival, an incredible annual gathering uniting schools from across the county in a vibrant celebration of dance. From its inception in 2006, this festival has grown exponentially, now attracting 46 schools and over 900 enthusiastic students.

This inclusive event is a non-competitive platform that welcomes all children to explore the world of dance and showcase their talents on stage. Every year, a unique theme sets the stage for artistic expression, allowing students and staff to explore their creativity by drawing inspiration from diverse sources like books, movies, personal imagination, and cultural influences, infusing various dance styles into their performances.

The festival supports teachers and schools to really bring the dance curriculum to life, giving it a true purpose and exciting end-goal —an opportunity to perform on the grand stage of the esteemed Forum in Bath. Recognising the challenges some educators face in teaching dance, the remarkable Caroline Dance Lady, boasting over two decades of experience in dance and fitness instruction, lends her expertise by assisting schools with choreography in the lead-up to the Dance Festival.

In addition to the West Wiltshire Dance Festival, there are also three separate Dance Legacy programmes that schools can access and encourage targeted pupils to attend throughout the year. These include:

Boys’ Dance Workshop

The Boys’ Dance Workshops are guided by the talented all-male Dance Companies from Matravers School Westbury. This is an invaluable chance for younger boys to immerse themselves in learning and first-hand experience. Older dancers mentor them, imparting safe techniques for leaps, rolls, jumps, lifts, and stunts.

Gifted and Talented Workshop

Led by the Swindon Dance Youth Development Programme, this workshop aims to inspire young, gifted dancers to explore further educational opportunities in dance.

SEND Dance Workshop

Led by Caroline Dance Lady and Katie Chappell, both with extensive experience in dance and movement therapy for children with special education needs and disabilities. This workshop provides a unique opportunity for children to explore movement and dance using specialised equipment, props, and toys, tailored to their needs.

This year, the West Wiltshire Dance Festival ventures into Tinseltown with the theme: “Lights, Camera, Action!” Set across three days from the 6th to the 8th of February 2024, the festival promises an unforgettable experience. Secure your tickets through the Bath Box Office for a chance to witness these young talents shine under the spotlight.

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