Success Stories – A Leadership Comeback

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Apple A Day is dedicated to discovering exceptional educators and pairing them with compatible schools. Our team, comprised of individuals with extensive experience in local schools, recognises the significance of aligning a teacher’s values and teaching approach with the school environment. This is why we invest time in getting to know our Teachers, TAs, and leaders on a personal level, comprehending their requirements, strengths, and unique situations.

Explore one of our numerous success stories, highlighting how we’ve provided support and guidance in challenging circumstances for educators.

Liam – A Leadership Comeback

Liam joined Apple A Day as a Headteacher with 17 years of experience from a different region. Having faced challenging circumstances in his prior role, including maltreatment, he emerged with diminished confidence that hindered his prospects of securing a new position.

Apple A Day took proactive steps to support Liam in his career transition. Attentively listening to the unique challenges he faced, we invested time to thoroughly comprehend his experiences and strengths. Armed with this understanding, we crafted a strategic plan to pave the way for his next leadership role.

The initial phase involved placing Liam in various supply roles, providing him with the opportunity to familiarise himself with schools in a new region and rebuild his confidence as an educator. This hands-on experience served as a foundation for the next steps in his career.

Subsequently, our dedicated team leveraged our extensive network of partner schools to showcase Liam’s CV. The added advantage was our commitment to transparent conversations, shedding light on Liam’s accomplishments, strengths, and acknowledging the hardships he had overcome. This collaborative approach aimed to present a comprehensive and authentic representation of Liam’s professional journey.

Unsurprisingly, Liam’s notable strengths and extensive experience, combined with our insights, quickly captured the interest of one of our partner schools. Following a robust interview process, Liam secured a full-time permanent position as a Deputy Head. His confidence was restored, and he had discovered a school that resonated with his values, providing a positive and fulfilling work environment.

What distinguishes Apple A Day from other recruitment agencies is our robust network of local partner schools and our in-depth comprehension of the challenges in the field of education. We consistently prioritise the well-being of our teachers, teaching assistants, and the schools we collaborate with. Our commitment stems from the belief that advocating for what is best for our educators and partner schools ultimately translates into providing the highest quality education for local children.

If you are looking for your next leadership or teaching role and would like us to advocate for your skills, then send us your CV or contact us at: [email protected]

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