Labour’s Plan for Schools

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Last week saw a landslide election win for the Labour Party. But with a new government in power, what can teachers and education settings expect from Labour’s plan for schools?

Although it is still early days in their leadership, during Labour’s campaign, they outlined their plan for schools with an aim for raising standards for every child. In this blog we outline those core promises:

Delivering High Standards in Early Education

Labour is set on transforming early education by ensuring childcare services not only provide life-changing opportunities for children but also offer work-life balance for parents. This plan includes:

  • Enhanced Early Language Skills: Identifying and supporting children who need help sooner.
  • Supportive Learning Environments: Creating conditions where all children can achieve and thrive.

Supporting Our Children’s Well-being and Achievement

Labour’s strategy includes initiatives to support student attendance and overall well-being:

  • Free Breakfast Clubs: Available in every primary school, these clubs aim to improve attendance and academic standards.
  • Mental Health Support: Providing comprehensive mental health services in schools and communities.
  • Early Identification of Needs: Improving data sharing to better identify special educational needs and disabilities.

Reforming School Inspection and Improvement Systems

Labour plans to overhaul the current inspection system to foster continuous improvement:

  • Ending Single Word Ofsted Judgements: Introducing detailed report cards with annual checks on safeguarding and attendance.
  • Inspecting Multi-Academy Trusts: Ensuring accountability at all levels of school governance.
  • Regional Improvement Teams: Focusing on driving better outcomes for children through localised support.

Empowering School Staff for Success

Teachers and support staff are at the heart of Labour’s plan for schools, with measures to ensure they can effectively contribute to student success:

  • Recruiting More Teachers: Adding over 6,500 new teachers to the workforce.
  • Qualified Teachers: Mandating that all new teachers are fully qualified.
  • A National Voice for Support Staff: Establishing a platform for school support staff.
  • Teacher Training Entitlement: Providing ongoing professional development for all teachers.
  • Respect and Recognition: Ensuring everyone in the school community is treated with the respect they deserve.

Preparing Young People for Their Futures

Labour has committed to a well-rounded education that prepares students for life beyond school:

  • Broader Curriculum: Reviewing assessment methods to include a strong core of literacy and numeracy, along with access to sports and arts.
  • Focus on Skills: Emphasising speaking, listening, and digital skills.
  • Career Readiness: Offering professional career guidance and two weeks of work experience for all students.

It is clear that Labour’s plan for schools will mean that the coming years will include significant changes. What do you think of Labour’s plan for schools? Have they focused on the right priorities?

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