Coming to the end of your PGCE? Now What?

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Finishing your PGCE is a remarkable milestone, marking your dedication and expertise in the field of education. Now, you face the exciting yet challenging task of securing your first teaching role. While there’s a widespread shortage of teachers nationwide, it’s essential to approach this process thoughtfully. In this blog, we’ll explore some valuable tips to guide you through this important phase, along with how Apple A Day can support you along the way.

Explore and Evaluate Schools:

Before submitting applications, take the time to visit prospective schools to get a feel for the ethos and environment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the support they offer and what makes their school different from others. Understanding the ethos of a school is crucial in finding the right fit for your teaching style and professional development in those early years of your teaching career.

Patience Pays Off:

Don’t rush. Although, there is an understandable pressure during your PGCE to secure your first teaching role, and begin your ECT induction period, resist the temptation to hastily accept the first offer that comes your way. Rushing into a position that isn’t the right fit can lead to dissatisfaction and frustration down the line. Taking your time will allow you to find a school that will truly suit your teaching style.

Consider Supply Teaching:

If a permanent position doesn’t materialise immediately, don’t overlook the option of supply teaching. It can actually be a valuable CPD opportunity. Allowing you to experience a variety of age groups and schools, as well as networking with local school leaders. That’s where we can help! At Apple A Day, we offer regular supply opportunities in partnership with schools across Wiltshire and BANEs, providing fair rates and ongoing support.

Explore Long-Term Contracts:

Long-term contracts offer a unique opportunity to test the waters and experience a school’s working environment before committing to a permanent position. Keep an eye on our Jobs Page, where our Recruitment Consultants frequently list such opportunities. Setting up a Job Alert ensures you won’t miss out on potential openings.

ECT Support Matters:

For many PGCE students, there is a worry that supply will mean a lack of support from a mentor. At Apple A Day, many of our team members have completed a PGCE and have first-hand experience in working in local schools. We understand the challenges you face and offer personalised ECT support through 1:1 sessions and group webinars, ensuring you feel equipped and supported as you start your teaching journey.

Completing your PGCE is a huge accomplishment and securing your first teaching job is both exciting and nerve-wracking. If you are beginning your job search and would like some advice and support, then we’d love to hear from you!


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