By Ed U. Kator PGCE with QTS (Unthanked University) (Guest Blogger)

As the end of term is rapidly approaching it is time to look back into the BlogRoom, I mean class room, to see what happened.

The world of supply is an amazing place, sometimes a privilege sometimes a source of humour.  Most of the humour I keep to myself but see if you can recognise some of these situations?

The “bouncing” Head: as you approach the school’s front door you can hear the boing, boing, boing as she opens the door just as you point your finger at the buzzer.  Hello, hello she says, come in she says, sign is she says, she is grateful to see you and from this moment on you know that she will be at your shoulder all day “just checking”! (Read this at speed to get the correct effect?)

The brow beaten secretary: who are you? Why are you here?  No one tells me anything, wait there please (sometimes this “please” is omitted!).  Whilst he is looking for someone/anyone you look around the waiting area: sometimes a dog-eared KS1 book; sometimes a pristine area that has never seen anyone over18 let alone a child from that school! (Read this as if the diodes on your left hand side hurt!)

The eager beaver TA who thinks he can do the job better than you: oh, I didn’t think they’d get anyone, this class is very difficult, I just can’t get to them.  I think, “Oh no!” and then I remember that I’m a supply teacher and I never have to return here if they’re that bad!  He finally hands me the plan that went to his email address and not the school’s… that looks great at least there’s a plan of the day.  Then the first bell rings and they arrive… they eye you up, you eye them up.  I find the class rules and ask for someone to explain them to me, they are pleased as punch, and they agree they are the best rules ever.  By morning break the TA is beside himself, there’s a pile of work to mark and not one child has been difficult or a cause for concern: the TA has spent the hour tutting and trying to keep peace in a peaceful classroom, he slips off to the staffroom.  (Read this with anxiety in your voice!)

The teacher who’s having PPA time in school: right here’s the planning.  Thank you I say, is that for the week?  No she says it’s just for this morning, do you think I’ve over planned, my Head always says I do too much, what do you think?  I respond by saying I’ll let you know at the end of the morning.  Four and half minutes after the children arrive, she’s back: how’s everything? Fine I say.  I offer a child to her for when things aren’t okay, she declines.  Fourteen and a half minutes later she is hovering at the door, I turn my back to work with a child and hear the door open very, very quietly, I wait for her to eventually come in to my field of view and fane surprise…  (Read this with a state of wonder in your voice!)

As I think of the short term to come I thank my lucky stars for being a Supply Teacher, happy Term 5 each and everyone of you.

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